1 Month – A Healthy Scratch


We sat in a parking spot

Discussing our long running friendship/your new boyfriend.

As we finished our beers

I implied that I wanted to come inside

And started in on a back scratch.

You kissed my forehead, I remember

And put your eyes on me in a way that I read as nefarious, playful.

You either believed in what I was

Or you were letting me make moves

The chess game – in your favor – about over

This remains a mystery to me, still.

Kindly you looked away and explained

That you needed to switch banks in the morning

And that I was sick anyway.

You brought up that you also knew Jackson

And that it was a small world

[I thought bullshit – how many rich, white kids are there anyway?]

I started to get tired, and bored,

I began looking at my phone

Right in front of you.

You asked what I was doing next weekend

I shrugged

and drove home.

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