Collin’s First 100 Days

Already we see the complacency, the normalcy return to our social circles. We’re still partying and laughing as the Muslim registry is being organized. We play golf and go shopping as the DAPL protesters prepare for a tiananmen square scenario. We drink our beers and shoot our guns as Donald Trump prepares to implement his 100 day plan.

This Thanksgiving is going to be fun, huh? This Thursday I get to sit across from my grandfather, a republican, and ask him a simple question: In all of the time that you have been alive, and through every era that you have witnessed, could you ever imagine a man who has said the things he has said and done the things that he has done be elected President of the United States? I get to watch his eyes drop to his shoes. The generations before us grew up in a time when a white, protestant man’s principle, ethics, and track record deemed him worthy of the presidency. Excuse your grandparents when they blame the younger generations for letting the house go up in flames.

Just so we’re clear, a dude who turned a million dollar loan from his father into a tacky, failing brand and bad reality television is now the leader of this country. A man who shaved Ed McMahon’s hair after competing in a WWE wrestling match, it’s his 100 day plan that will be implemented starting January 21st.

Well I have my own 100 day plan. I urge you all to make one as well.

Here Goes:

  1. FIRST, Seek out chances to speak with individuals in my community who are different than myself. Listen to where they are coming from. Welcome conversation and dialogue even if we disagree.
  1. SECOND, Attend a protest.
  1. THIRD, Create art and written articles that welcome dialogue on what is happening in this country.
  1. FOURTH, Create an online platform that works as a call to action and a source for articles.
  1. FIFTH, Buy a subscription to the Wall St. Journal. Read daily.
  1. SIXTH, Track the result of new policies, especially those that affect poor, white, working class voters.
  1. SEVENTH, Send a donation.
  1. EIGHTH, Let my friends know that I cherish them.
  1. NINTH, Stop being apologetic.
  1. TENTH, When hearing hate speech, act immediately.

I urge anyone reading this to share their ideas of how to better our community. We are all people. We are all in this together.